Last Update: September 1, 2014
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Best Breeder in Show
Breeder/owner of:
Multiple Best in Show
Multi Best Phalene in Show
Best Fringing in Show
Best in Show Specialty
Multi Best in Show Bred By Exhibitor
UK Club Winner 2014
Europasieger 2013 Winner
Bundesseiger 2013 Winner
Belgium 2012 Winner
Amsterdam 2012 Winner
Bundesseiger 2012 Winner
Multiple Toy Group Placements
Swedish, Luxembourg, Romanian, Danish, International, Belgium, Dutch, Irish,
American champions (other titles pending)
Made history in the breed with the first American Champion and male Phalene in the
world to win 1st place in a Champion Stakes competition in the United Kingdom.
All Magnolise Papillons entered in agility, rally and obedience trials are title holders
in the named fields.
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I am a responsible Papillon breeder located in central Florida. I currently have Papillon puppies available for placement / sale. New pages throughout the website are uploaded daily. Happy browsing! Responsible Papillon Breeders in Florida. Ruxandra Levado,
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