I've been involved in rescuing and rehabbing from childhood. 12 years ago I also established a small,
health screened, top winning quality Papillon breeding program. After adopting, rehabbing and rescuing
dogs over the years my heart became worn out from fighting to restore health issues due to neglecting
breeding. I still rehab any injured or orphaned wild life that crosses my path but my own doggie pets
I want to be sound. I breed every once in a while and I place strictly in loving, responsible pet homes
who also want a sound, quality Papillon and are willing to spay and neuter. The showing, on my part, has
been done so people could discern from a carrying breeder and a puppy mill. Also to attest to the
soundness. If the pedigree is not proven, there is no way to know the health of the ancestors and what
genes are getting passed onto the offspring. Breeding is not just putting two dogs together. We've all
seen it too often; one fault introduced in a pedigree ruining the new generations. AKC registration
doesn't mean health or correctness. My first
store bought pet, Sunny (neutered at 6 month old), had
Cerebellar Ataxia, a cruel neurological condition. His story and our heart draining journey to health will
be shared on a dedicated page. Sunny’s condition was the decisive factor to start screening
for the
most sound and correct Papillon. After a year of studying the breed, I bought my first well bred
Papillon, Chester, and six months afterwards, my first girl, Neola. I know all of the ancestors inside
and out and breed every now and then, mainly to keep my own line of sound pets.

Pictured below is Juno, my
first homebred (now a veteran) and a portion of my beating heart.
BestBreeder in Show and also, with thanks to my adoptive homes, breeder of:
Multiple Best in Show
Multi Best Phalene in Show
Best Fringing in Show
Best in Show Specialty
Multi Best in Show Bred By Exhibitor
Slovenian Winter Winner 2017
Zagreeb Winner 2016
UK Club Winner 2014
Europasieger 2013 Winner
Bundesseiger 2013 Winner
Belgium 2012 Winner
Amsterdam 2012 Winner
Bundesseiger 2012 Winner
Also breeder of Swedish, Luxembourg, Croatian, Romanian, Danish,
International, Belgium, Dutch, Irish, Slovenian and American champions.
First combination ever bred by Magnolise are champions with two offspring
champions in the first litter.
Made history in the breed with the first American Champion and male Phalene
in the world to win 1st place in a Champion Stakes competition (competition
between champions of all breeds)
. Thank you Jo for the love and care!
All Magnolise Papillons entered in agility, rally and obedience trials are title
holders in the named fields.
Specific details are shared on the News page.
Welcome to my Papillons, Personal Projects and Testimonies!
I am a responsible Papillon breeder located in central Florida. New pages throughout the website are uploaded daily. Have an enjoyable browsing experience.

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